Garage Door Opener Service

Do you want to install a new garage door, upgrade your existing door or repair a broken garage door? A professional garage door repair company can help you attain any of the objectives, leaving your door looking as good as new. A garage door repair company can also install garage door openers on new garage doors.

Garage door openers are not easy to install, test and handle, explaining why only professionals with proper knowledge should install or replace them. Aligning tracks and rails can be difficult, calling for the expertise of professionals. Furthermore, garage doors are heavy, meaning there’s need for enough labor to lift and install the door.

Professionals know how to set and install different types and sizes of openers. If you’re looking to engage a garage door repair company to install or repair your garage door, find one with knowledgeable, experienced and licensed technicians.

A garage door opener is a type of motor used to open and close garage doors. It can either be controlled with a remote or switch. Garage door openers are grouped into five types, namely: screw, chain, belt and direct drives and jackshaft.

Belt drivers use rubber belt to connect the motor to the trolley while chain drivers use chains similar to those used on bikes. Jackshaft openers are fixed on walls near torsion bars while direct drives contain motors in the trolley and gear wheel for guidance on a particular chain. A long screw in the track joins screwdrivers to the trolley.

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